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Why Baby Sign Language is Important

If you are a parent, family member, or caregiver for a sweet little bundle of joy, you understand that meeting their needs and desires is a 24/7 responsibility. However, babies are not always the best at clearly communicating what these are, sometimes leaving those trying to soothe and take care of them at a loss. […]

The Importance of Art in Education

School is more than just reading, writing and arithmetic- the foundations of life lessons are curated in the classroom. At one point in time, art was considered a luxury, not a necessity, in schools. Sometimes, art education was cut from curriculums to ensure there was more math, writing, and testing. With endless budgets revamps and […]

Teaching Manners to young children

You’ve probably heard from your parents or grandparents that “kids are just different these days.” In some ways, that’s very true (there certainly weren’t tablets around 50 years ago!), but when it comes to classic manners, it shouldn’t have to be. We all want our children to be thoughtful and well-mannered. Surprisingly, teaching manners to […]

Creating a Family Plan for Inclement Weather

You may never know when a disaster will strike, and it can be incredibly scary if your family members aren’t together, such as if you or they are at work, school, sports, or other extracurricular activities. Will you know where to meet up if you can’t return home? Will your children know the safest place […]

10 Learning Activities for Your Children This Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to think about ways you can keep your children stimulated and challenged. What your child learned over the school year can fade in the summer sun, but you can stop that slow decline by incorporating some learning activities while you’re at home this summer. 1. Do Twister […]

The History of Kindergarten

The History of Kindergarten: In celebration of National Kindergarten Day Most of us can’t imagine a time when children didn’t start their elementary education in kindergarten with songs, sharing, and snacks. We may have memories of clinging to our parents’ legs before we entered that great big building on our first day of kindergarten, only […]

Six Tips to Supporting Healthy Eating Habits with Young Children

  In the early childhood years, a child rapidly develops both cognitively and physically.  Therefore, a diet high in fruits, vegetables and lean protein are important to support this development. Unfortunately developing healthy eating habits with your young children can sometimes be challenging. With busy schedules and easy meals, which are usually not the healthiest, […]

How to Choose Quality Childcare

Keywords: childcare, preschool, education Each year more and more families have one or both primary caregivers working outside of the home. This necessitates finding a childcare provider for your little one. When it comes to selecting a daycare option for your treasured babe, a lot of anxiety can come into play. There are many factors […]

Choosing a Childcare Center During COVID-19

Many parents are returning to work and in need of high-quality care for their children.  It is surely a challenging time for parents of young children.  Choosing a childcare center is always a big decision, but during the COVID-19 pandemic there are more factors to consider. Ensuring their child is in a healthy environment is […]