The Top 4 Benefits of Reading with Your Kids

Maybe you remember listening to bedtime stories before being tucked in for the night or a favorite book that was read to you by a teacher in elementary school. There is something magical about sharing a story with a child, and there are so many amazing ones out there. A good book can inspire wonder, be an important component in your child’s education, and create an opportunity for the development of many social and life skills.

Here at Imagine Early Education and Childcare, we love reading to our children and would like to encourage you to start this habit at home if you haven’t already been cuddling up for daily story time with your little one. Today, we would like to take a few moments of your time to share some of the biggest benefits that come from dedicating time to read with your child. We are confident that once you see how impactful this shared reading time can be, that you’ll be ordering books or heading to the library as fast as you can. Let’s take a look.


When you read with your child, you expose them to a diverse vocabulary, as well as emotions and vocal inflection. Over time, your kiddo will be able to use this vocabulary and emotional intelligence to communicate effectively so that they can navigate life situations that they may encounter.


Most young children do not care to stay still for long periods, however, story time is a chance to draw them into tales of all kinds. The experience of reading together fosters the skills of listening, focus, and concentration, all of which will become more and more necessary as they grow and move further on in their education. Additionally, their concentration will be rewarded when they are tuned in to hear the best part of the story. No one wants to miss out on that.


With so much technology and distraction in this busy world, it is more important than ever to take one-on-one time to bond with and focus on your child. These dedicated moments are vital to their growth and development and reading a good book while snuggled up is the perfect way to deepen your relationship with your little one now and as they grow.


Books open up a world of information and experiences to young and old alike. They can transport you to far-off places, teach about cultural diversity, prepare your child for new situations they may encounter, and help to teach important values and life lessons.

No electronic device or app can replace the value of sitting down and reading with your child. Children who are read to have more advanced social skills, perform better academically, and bond more closely with their parents or caregivers. At Imagine Early Education and Childcare, we understand the value of reading with each of our amazing little ones, and we hope that the information presented above encourages you to do the same by sharing the wonderful world of books with your child today.