Advanced Pre-Kindergarten

5 years

Children at this age are eager to learn and explore! Our Advanced Pre-Kindergarten program was designed to challenge kindergarteners socially, emotionally, and academically. Lessons follow national and state standards to provide for a solid foundation.

Advanced Pre-Kindergarten (5 years)

Our Advanced Pre-Kindergarten program was designed for children who have completed our Pre-Kindergarten program but miss the kindergarten cut off date. This program was designed to challenge children socially, emotionally, and academically.

Our Advanced Pre-Kindergarten Program:

Lessons follow state early learning standards and include:

  • Cross-circular curriculum integrating reading, science, math, social studies, writing, and health
  • Reading instruction including phonics, reading strategies, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary
  • STEM-based science and math instruction to teach children to apply concepts and skills, solve problems, communicate, and reason
  • Extra-curricular classes in art, music and drama, STEM, cooking, foreign language, and physical fitness
  • Focus on executive function to ensure children develop attention and regulation skills to be an avid learner
  • Integrated social studies and health curriculum teaches children about themselves, school, and community

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