Dream big at Imagine

Imagine is committed to providing early education and childcare that exceeds standards within our local community. Our center provides inspiring learning environments for children, promoting creativity, individuality, and self-confidence.

Philosophy Statement

At Imagine Early Education & Childcare, we are passionate about giving children the best possible start in life. We believe that children learn best in a quality environment that is happy, nurturing, engaging and safe. Our philosophy has been derived from early childhood education principles which promote quality programs. All educators are encouraged to actively promote and incorporate our center philosophy into the educational programs, curriculum decisions, educator practices and classroom environment.

Our philosophy is broken down into guiding principles that we feel strongly about:

  • Holistic approach

We understand that the first five years of a child’s life they have much to learn. We believe in a combination of teacher led and play based education. With that being said, our curriculum focuses on building relationships between home and school to foster each child’s cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development.

  • Intentional teaching & kindergarten readiness

Our educators plan and implement purposefully learning activities based on early learning standards. Mastery of these standards ensures your child will be prepared for their kindergarten experience. We believe that children need a balanced education. Therefore, our curriculum focuses on core academic subjects: math, science, language and literacy.

  • Play

Child initiated and educator supported play is an essential component of our program. Play enriches learning and develops key skills such as integrity, self-expression, experimentation, and teamwork. Our Educators create an engaging environment where children spontaneously immerse themselves in meaningful play.

  • Relationships

Building positive relationships with others is the foundation of a child’s social/emotional development. We believe that children grow and thrive in an environment where they are loved and nurtured. Integrating play into a child’s day provides them an opportunity to practice and master important social skills.

  • Equity & Diversity

Our classrooms cultivate an unbiased atmosphere where children are encouraged to celebrate and respect each other. We understand that each child is unique and must be celebrated as such to develop a positive self-image.

  • Responsiveness to children

We believe that children experience the greatest growth when they feel secure and wanted. Therefore, Imagine Early Education and Childcare provides a warm, caring, comfortable and safe environment for our children. Together with our educators, we establish routines that are predictable and consistent to create a predictable and supportive environment. All children will be treated with gentleness, honesty and respect.

  • Learning environments

Children learn and construct knowledge through their environment. Therefore, we have designed extra-curricular classes to extend each child’s learning. Extra-curricular environments ensure that children are extending and applying skills and concepts learned in their homeroom. This learning environment supports STEAM learning principles in which children are challenged to think critically, solve problems, and apply skills and concepts in real world situations.