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5 ways to nurture a child’s imagination

The good news for parents is that kids are inherently creative, but there are ways we can nurture these skills as they learn and play. In this blog, we’ll go over 5 ways to nurture your child’s creativity, which we promise you and your child will both have fun in the process.

1. Play music
There are inherent benefits to a child’s creativity from letting them simply listen to a piece of music. Ask your child how it makes them feel, and model the behavior you want from them for example “this music makes me happy, it makes me think of being on a beach with my feet in the sand.” This shows them how to let their imagination run free. If your child isn’t old enough to speak, just play music and sing along, eventually, they’ll follow along and be happy about being creative while learning a new skill.

2. Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture
Leaning into whatever type of arts or crafts your child shows an affinity for can enhance their creativity. If they aren’t particularly interested in any art don’t worry, the simple act of playing artistically can help children to explore the world creatively. Also, don’t worry about the child using the arts and crafts in the way they are intended, if the child wants to paint their hand, let them! If they want to take a ball of wool or yarn and wrap it around the house plant, let them! Whatever way they express themselves they’ll be using their imagination, which will enhance their creativity and education of the fine arts, no matter how basic they seem.

3. Do a nature scavenger hunt
Make a list of things that you can find in nature such as a flower, a rock, or a bird, if your child is old enough, they can help think of things they may find. Then take your list and go on a walk around your neighborhood, or to a forest or park. For extra fun, bring a sand bucket and fill it with the items you find on your scavenger hunt. Psychologists say that for children, noticing a new type of flower or unfamiliar bird in the sky can itself be a creative affair.

4. Put on a play
Use your Child’s favorite toys to put on a play. Each toy can have a different character acting out a simple scenario. Even if it’s just Mr. Bear going to a sleepover at Barbie’s house, your child will start to use their imagination. Plus, you’ll most likely have a good laugh at whatever they come up with. Another benefit of this type of play is that it encourages empathy.

5. Cook
Most parents are not interested in having their child help them in the kitchen, but when it comes to creativity in children, even trying a new food can spark the use of their imagination. Think small, maybe it’s as simple as cutting their peanut butter and jelly into a new shape with the help of your little sous chef.