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5 Tips for Choosing a Quality Summer Camp Program

With summer rapidly approaching, you may be searching for a childcare option that’s both educational and fun, and summer camp is the perfect blend. But finding a quality summer camp program can feel daunting, which is why we created this list of tips, to help you find the right place for your child that will build out their interests and be the backdrop for amazing summertime memories.

1. Start By Making A List Of Your Child’s Interests And Goals

Before you start to scour the internet for summer education programs and camps, ask your child what they’re interested in learning. Do they want to learn a new skill like the culinary arts, designing delicious recipes with tasty ingredients? Or are they looking to run around outside and learn a new physical skill as they make friends with the other kids on their team? Maybe they’re more studios and want to learn about the sciences. Your child will love the camp if they’re involved in the decision process, so ask all the questions upfront about what kind of camp they want to attend.

2. Consider Your Child’s Social Strengths
Some children do great in large groups, while more shy children can sink into the background and not get much out of the experience. The size, layout, and age range of the camp or summer program are as important as the subject it explores. If your kid is a bit quiet or struggles to make friends easily, you may want to opt for a camp that’s smaller, with under 10 kids that are all the same age. This helps them avoid feeling left out while getting one-on-one attention from the instructor and provides the opportunity to connect with the other campers.

3. Instructors Are Everything
The people who run the camp are in control of the experience, so you want to pay keen attention to the instructors they hire. Especially if you’re looking at a creative or educational program, finding the right instructor makes all the difference. Check the instructor section on the camp’s website and notice what qualifications each person has. If possible, look for reviews from previous students and see if they had a positive experience.

4. Setting The Right Tone
If you’re looking for a more traditional camp, look for unique aspects to the camp such as quirky traditions or fun silly-themed days. Consider what kind of vibe the camp has, and where it takes place. You may not realize it, but these little details all add up to the overall emotional experience your child will have there, so they shouldn’t be overlooked.

5. Don’t Stress
At the end of the day, most all camps have something to offer, and there really are no wrong choices. You can ensure your child has an amazing summer by giving variety. Especially if your child has a lot of different interests it may be smart to opt for a series of one-week camps.
We hope you’ve gotten some good tips on choosing a quality summer camp program, but remember summer is all about having fun so make the selection process as fun as possible!