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Teaching Kids About Australia Day (January 26)

Celebrating holidays native to other countries is a great way to teach kids about different cultures! On January 26th, the “Land Down Under” celebrates Australia Day – the day 11 ships from England sailed into Botany Bay and established the first European settlement in Australia.

Let’s join Australia in their celebration this month with a few fun facts about this great country and the day it was founded!

Fun Facts About Australian History for Kids

  1. The British weren’t the first people in Australia

People have lived in Australia for over 50,000 years! The Aboriginals are thought to have traveled from Asia across a land bridge that is now covered by the ocean. Dutch explorers first landed in Australia in 1606, and the British began to settle there in 1788.

It wasn’t until 1851 when gold was discovered in Australia that people start to flock there from all over the world in hopes of getting rich!

  1. Australia has unique species

Australia is an island, so many of the plants and animals that live there aren’t found anywhere else in the world! This is the only place you’ll find a platypus, kangaroo, echidna, and koala in the wild.

You can also find some of the deadliest spiders and snakes in Australia! There are 36 species of poisonous spiders and 20 species of venomous snakes.

  1. Australians Celebrate Australia day like we Celebrate the 4th of July

Because Australia is in a different hemisphere, their seasons are opposite from ours. That means it’s summer right now in the Land Down Under! So, Australia Day is celebrated with fun summer activities, like barbecues, family parties, parades, and swimming – very similar to how we celebrate the 4th of July!


Here at Imagine, we help our students learn about different cultures by celebrating holidays around the world.  Contact us today to learn how we’re celebrating Australia Day and other upcoming holidays!