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How to Keep Road Trips Fun with Children

One of the best things about summer is that it allows you to take road trips with your family! However, maintaining a calm and happy environment with kids isn’t always an easy task. Being confined to close quarters for a long period of time can make it even more difficult!

Still, going on family vacations is an exciting adventure that your family will remember for years to come! So, here are some tips for making your next road trip as fun as possible:

  1. Let the kids pack their own activity box

Give your children a lunch box (or something similar) to fill with whatever they want – snacks, crayons and coloring book, toys, etc. Allowing them to pack it up themselves will make them even more excited to use what they brought.

  1. Make snack time an activity

Use snack time as a chance to keep your kids occupied with something more than just food. Give them cheerios and string to make a necklace or give them string cheese and see who can pull apart the most strings as they eat!

  1. Play road trip bingo

Before you head out, make a bingo card with things you are likely to see on the road. You can do a license plate from a certain state, cows, a river, or a lake…you can also include things that might happen, like rain or snow, hearing a certain song on the radio, or getting stuck in traffic.

  1. Plan fun pit stops

Give the kids something to look forward to other than the final destination! Maybe there’s a rest stop with an ice cream place, an iconic sign you can take pictures at, or a cool landmark you can visit.


Here at Imagine, we aim to support families however we can! Contact us if you have any questions about taking kids on long trips. We will provide you with some more of our best tips and tricks!