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Teaching Children to Appreciate Music

Music is an important aspect of a well-rounded education. It can help children develop self-control, planning skills, verbal intelligence, and more. As you may know, music can also be an excellent way to relax, express yourself, and find creative inspiration!

The world of music can open your children up to so many possibilities, so it’s important to instill an appreciation for the art form from a young age.

Here are a few tips for doing so:

  1. Jam out together

Playing some of your favorite kid-friendly tunes is a great way to connect with your children. You might just realize that you enjoy some of the same songs! How much fun would it be to hear your toddler singing or dancing along to one of your all-time favorites?

  1. Enroll in music lessons

You may be surprised by how well young children can learn to play instruments! If you notice that your little one loves their toy piano or guitar, they might enjoy some professional lessons. They can hone their skills and explore interests that benefit them through adulthood!

  1. Go to concerts

Check local venues for kid-friendly concert sessions. You may be able to find a fun sing-along or interesting play with lots of music! You can also bring your kids along to adult-oriented concerts that you want to see – just make sure they have noise-canceling headphones if the music will be quite loud.

  1. Study music from different cultures

Search YouTube to find traditional music from different cultures and countries around the world. This is a great way to give your children an appreciation for different sounds and learn about diversity!


Here at Imagine, we teach children about music, how to play simple instruments, and use tunes to help our students learn.  Contact us to learn more!