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Camp Hours are 6:00 am-6:30 pm Monday – Friday


Children Ages 5 years-13 years.

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Pre-Kindergarten Summer Camp 2021

This summer camp is for children who have not completed Kindergarten.

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Week 1: June 7-11

Traditional Camp: Color Craze

Summer camp starts off with an explosion of color. Children will explore the world of color when learning the technique of tie dye, kid’s chemistry activities, and ending the week with color run!

Culinary Camp: The Basics of Cooking

Learn the basics such as measuring, chopping, and reading recipes on your journey to becoming a chef!

Science Camp: Color Explosions

Campers participate in hands-on kids’ chemistry experiments and activities to create colorful explosions!

Week 2: June 14-18

Traditional Camp: DIY

This week campers will build and create to make their own unique designs and creations.

Culinary Camp: Food Trucks

Unique food trucks are rolling in to Imagine Early Education and Childcare. Children will work in teams to build a food truck business complete with cardboard truck, logo and design, and menu.

Specialty Camp: DIY Cardboard Creations

Campers create their own unique creation out of cardboard and recycled materials such as paper lanterns, egg carton critters, and cardboard marble mazes. An end of the week DIY Show will celebrate each camper’s unique designs and creation.

Week 3: June 21-25

Traditional Camp: Pirates and the High Seas

Ahoy! Campers participate in pirate themed activities while learning about the ocean and the creatures that live there.

Science Camp: The Deep Blue Sea

Take a voyage with us to the bottom of the sea. Children will learn about unique animal species such as whales and sharks, while exploring different oceans, seas, and zones such as tide pools and coral reefs.

Specialty Camp: Marvelous Mermaids

You want to learn more about mermaids? If so, this is the camp for you. Children will be immersed in stories, crafts, art, and performing arts projects involving mermaids.

Week 4: June 28-July 2

Traditional Camp: Superheroes

There is a superhero in all of us. This week campers interact with local superheroes such as police officers and fire fighters, create their own superheroes, as well as find the superhero inside themselves.

Science Camp: Brick Builders

Are you a super builder? Brick Builders Camp challenges children to building challenges with a variety of building manipulatives such as Legos. Campers will attempt to build famous landmarks, bridges, and buildings.

Specialty Camp: It’s All Fun and Games

Do you love playing games? This week campers will participate in board game tournaments, design and create their own board and card games, as well as learn about the history of board games.

Week 5: July 5-9

Traditional Camp: Backyard Bash

Campers will participate in splash day team games, outdoor games such as hacky sack and giant Jenga while enjoying the warm summer days.

Culinary Camp: BBQ Challenge

It is a summer barbeque. Campers will learn about the history of BBQ, while creating their own BBQ recipe cookbook. Children learn to prepare BBQ inspired recipes such as sweet tea, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, and banana pudding. Campers will attempt to build famous landmarks, bridges, and buildings.

Art Camp: Fairy Gardens

Campers this week will use pottery, painting, and design skills to create unique fairy gardens.

Week 6: July 12-16

Traditional Camp: To Infinity and Beyond

Campers explore the world of space, UFO’s, and space aliens.

Science Camp: Space Camp

Campers explore outer space, build moon rovers, UFO spaceships while learning about our solar system.

Specialty Camp: Catapults and Rockets

Campers use concepts of gravity and physics to build a variety of catapults and rockets.

Week 7: July 19-23

Traditional Camp: Wizards and Sorcerers

This week is filled with Harry Potter, wizards, and sorcery!

Culinary Camp: Carnival Eats!

Everyone loves carnival food! This week campers will make some of the traditional carnival foods. Children will prepare caramel apples, snow cones, and flavored lemonade.

Specialty Camp: How to be a Magician

Do you want to be a magician? Learn magic tricks and create your own magic show routine. Campers will learn about famous magicians while learning new magic tricks to perform.

Week 8: July 26-30

Traditional Camp: Design It, Build It

Campers learn about simple machines while build ramps, bridges, and structures.

Culinary Camp: Cupcake Creations

Campers learn to bake and decorate cupcakes

Science Camp: Extreme Engineering

Campers build bridges and structures using recycled materials.

Week 9: August 2-6

Traditional Camp: STEAM Summer Olympics

This week campers will enjoy STEAM based challenges and problem-solving based activities to strengthen critical thinking skills.

Fitness Camp: Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Campers construct and complete a variety of obstacle courses.

Science Camp: Forensics Investigators

Campers solve problems using clues while learning about forensics.

Week 10: August 9-13

Traditional Camp: Raiders of Lost Artifact

Campers explore the world of archelogy while learning about ancient civilizations.

Art Camp: Pottery

Campers create and paint their own unique piece of pottery.

Science Camp: Treasure Hunters

Campers solve clues to complete treasure hunts and escape room challenges; as well as learn about famous treasure hunts.