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Teaching Children about Holidays

Teaching young children about the holidays can be a fun and rewarding experience for both parent and child. Learning about different religions, cultures, and holidays celebrated around the world is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate and respect our friends and neighbors!

It’s incredibly important to teach children about different holidays and religions when they’re young. Not only will it prepare them to encounter and understand different cultures and customs, but it can open their world to new options for themselves!

Here are some tips on how to teach young children about different holidays:

  1. Learn about the holidays yourself

How much do you know about the holidays celebrated around the world? Before you sit down for a lesson on different customs around the world, take a few days to research on your own! This will be enlightening for you and also enable you to better understand the questions your curious child is sure to ask.

  1. Teach one holiday at a time

Learning about many different cultures at once can be overwhelming. Consider choosing one holiday each week and planning activities that will help your family better understand it! For example, give a brief lesson on one day, watch a holiday-themed movie another day, plan a related craft day, and finish with a traditional meal.

  1. Invite diversity into your home

The best way to learn about a culture, tradition, or holiday is right from the source! Take a moment to think about the people you have in your life – at school, at work, in your social circles – do you know anyone who celebrates a different holiday than your family does? If so, ask if they would come over for dinner to have a conversation about their customs with your family.


Here at Imagine, we understand how important it is to introduce young children to diversity. We aim to make our childcare center welcoming for all, and we do so by teaching our classes about different holidays and customs around the world. Contact us today to learn more!