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Making Chores Fun for Kids

Making chores fun for kids is good for the whole family! Your children will learn the value of hard work and responsibility and you get the benefit of having extra hands to help out around the house.

It’s important to establish chores as an important part of your family’s normal routine – not as a punishment. Using chores as a punishment can create negative feelings toward the activities, making your children unlikely to do them.

Here are a few tips for making chores fun for kids – and the whole family!

  1. Make cleaning up a scavenger hunt. Ask your little one to help clean up and give them little prizes when they put certain toys away. For example, a sticker when they locate Batman and put him in his “home.” Tell them the biggest prize is waiting after the last item is put away.
  2. Make chores a game. Get your family excited about chore time by setting a timer and seeing how much can get done within that timeframe. Whoever finishes their chore first gets a prize!
  1. Play weekly chore bingo. Use a big whiteboard or sheet of paper to draw a bingo board and put a different chore in each square. Give your little helper a prize when they get BINGO! This is also great for creating a little friendly competition between siblings.
  2. Give them independence. Let your kids use their imagination during chore time! They might have a way of getting things done that you never thought of. Allowing them to find their way encourages creative problem-solving skills that can help them now and later.
  3. Record a ‘tutorial’. Even if your little one doesn’t know what a tutorial video is, they might have fun making one and watching it back! Set up your phone or camera on a tripod and ask them to explain each step of the chore as they do it. Ask for their permission to share with friends and family online!

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