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How to Choose a Quality Early Education Center

A quality early education center will provide everything your child needs for healthy development. Children’s brains develop more during the first five years of life than at any other point in life. They develop the fundamentals for learning, behavior, socializing, physical movement, language, and more.

As such, children must have an early education center that nurtures their quickly developing brains and bodies.

Here are a few characteristics of quality early education centers:

  1. A Healthy and Safe Environment

As a parent, how do you feel when you step into the education center? An ideal environment will feel warm and welcoming and be equipped with all the necessary safety measures. Ask school leaders about diaper-changing, toilet training, and hand washing procedures.

  1. Qualified Educators

A quality early education center is much more than a childcare. While certain childcare operators will hold relevant degrees and certifications, it is not always required. You want to be sure your early education center has a staff that can provide tools and lessons for learning that is age-appropriate with the right amount of challenge.

  1. Great Reviews

Talk to the parents of current and previous students before enrolling your child in an early education center. Ask what they liked, what they didn’t like, and how the education center helped their child learn and grow.

  1. Educator Support

Teaching a class of children with vastly different personalities that are all learning how to navigate life is tough work. Quality early education centers support teachers with continuing education opportunities, comprehensive health care, and appropriate wages.


Here at Imagine, we take every measure to ensure children have what they need to lead healthy and successful lives. Contact us today for more information on our early education center, educators, and programs.