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5 Tips to Prepare Your Student for Back to School

Most kids feel a range of emotions when they know it’s almost time to go back to school. They are likely excited to see their friends again, anxious about having new experiences, and maybe a little bit disappointed that they have to leave the familiarity of home.

Preparing your student in the weeks leading up to back to school can help them shake those negative feelings and get them ready for a great year! It’s important to let them know what to expect, get them into a structured routine, and remind them how to interact with new people their age.

Here are a few tips for getting your student prepared this fall:

  1. Create a routine

Help your student ease into the school year by simulating school days at home two weeks before their first day. Get them up at the same time, give their days a bit of structure with scheduled meals, snacks, and activities, and begin your nighttime routine early. Remember, kids under 13 need 9 to 11 hours of sleep!

  1. Talk about school

Ask your child how they feel about going back to school, what they expect, what they hope for, and if they are nervous about anything. Remind them that they can and should talk to you about anything that makes them uncomfortable – even if it happens at school.

  1. Be encouraging

Many kids worry that they’ll be left out or bullied at school. Shower your child in positive affirmations and remind them what to do when they feel scared or lonely. Positive thinking and reaching out to someone they trust can help them feel better.

  1. Be on the lookout for distress

Little ones don’t yet understand how to communicate their feelings. Keep a sharp eye for signs of distress, like increased irritability, lack of sleep, or regressions (wetting the bed, sucking their thumb, etc.).

  1. Create lunch recipes together

Getting your child involved with their meals can make them excited to eat! Plan the first week’s menu, go shopping, and pack lunch together.

Imagine Early Education and Childcare

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